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The shade, which is now 7 years old, has cosy and simple rooms and it's constructed by only 15 years. It is encircled by cardamom, and pepper plantations, imposingly tall trees all around and has virtually no other building in sight. Out of the home stay's 3 guest bedrooms, two are independently located. These rooms are ideal for small families. The home also has an open-air seating area in the backyard with the view of majestic mountains all around.

The Shade is managed by the owner Mr Santhosh the elder son of Mr Karunakaran. He is an electrical graduate, having 12 years experience in gulf countries. He and his wife Maya are always very careful in attending the "Birds" in "The Shade", mean the beloved Guests in The Shade. Arjun and Devika the children of Mr Santhosh and Maya are there for giving you the smile and love of their nice village.